Kids Valentines Party - Inspired by Nature

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for kids to show their love and affection towards their friends, family, and classmates. To make this day even more special for them, parents and caregivers can plan a fun and interactive party that includes activities that not only bring joy but also engage and entertain children. Check out our top recommendations including a giant coloring poster for valentines parties, wildflower seed bombs and glass bulb jars.

Giant Coloring Poster for Valentines

A giant coloring poster for Valentines party is one the best ideas, and “Let Your Love Grow” is an excellent option. This 12.5 square feet coloring banner features a beautiful plant and garden theme with delightful little surprises. It’s hand-drawn, making it a one-of-a-kind activity for kids to enjoy. This giant coloring banner is perfect for a party backdrop, and children will love it so much that they will want to keep it afterwards.

Screen-free activities are crucial for kids, especially in this digital age. Coloring provides a creative outlet for children and helps improve their fine motor skills. It also helps them unwind and relax, making it a great activity for a Valentine’s Day party.

If you’re after smaller scale coloring, be sure to check out our “Soil Mates” plant coloring page download!

Giant Coloring Poster for Valentines - Let Your Love Grow

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Another truly incredible and fun activity for kids at a Valentine’s Day party is making wildflower seed bombs! Check out this tutorial from @life_of_glow. This activity allows kids to get their hands dirty, learn about gardening, and be proud of the results of their hard work – and allows you to have some fun “guerilla gardening” to make your local town more beautiful. It’s a fun and educational activity that kids (and adults!) will enjoy.

Watch the Magic Unfold with Bulb Vases

Finally, gifting these glass bulb jars with spring bulbs is a great idea. I gave these to our nieces when we asked them to be our flower girls. Every time we talked on the phone they would give us updates on their plants and their pure excitement when they bloomed was contagious.

Kids will love watching the roots and flowers grow quickly and learn about the beauty of nature. This activity is not only fun but also teaches kids about responsibility and taking care of their environment.

A kids Valentine’s Day party should be filled with love, joy, and creativity. With a giant coloring poster for valentines party – “Let Your Love Grow,” making wildflower seed bombs, and gifting glass bulb jars with spring bulbs, kids will have a memorable day that they will cherish forever. Want more nature-inspired valentines inspo? Check out our Printable Valentines Day Cards! 

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